April 2021 Newsletter – From the vineyard

April 2021 Newsletter – From the vineyard

During the first months of 2021 wine events and personal relationships came to a halt once again. However, these restrictions inspired us to develop new ideas and alternative communication strategies in order to continue to share with you what is happening at Elvio Cogno winery.

A new project involving Merli MGA

The first exciting project concerns the planting of a new vineyard of Nebbiolo for Barolo in Merli MGA, one of the crus located in the municipality of Novello. The grapes coming from this vineyard will be crucial to produce a Barolo wine labeled as “Barolo del Comune di Novello”. Our family has always believed in the high potential of this special area and, through this new project, we aim to strengthen the relationship between our winery and this amazing territory.

Impact of weather conditions

January was particularly cold and snowy: abundant snowfall turned the Langhe hills white, allowing to supply the water reserves in the soil and giving us beautiful landscapes which never stop to fascinate us.


Cascina Nuova imbiancata dalla neve


Pruning and binding have been carried out at the right time even if the weather was cold and snowy; it is fundamental for us to respect the appropriate timing in order to lay the foundations for achieving an excellent vegetative-productive balance during the season.

Temperature increased considerably during the last days of February due to high pressure coming from Africa. This trend has fortunately been interrupted and temperature are back to normal letting the season to proceed regularly.


Panorama delle colline di Novello




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