The productive spirit is something that evolves over time, and does not last forever. What does last forever is tradition and the expertise of professional and personal experience. This is what gives you the strength and courage to change. Valter Fissore

Strength, elegance, and noble smoothness. Elvio Cogno produces the great wines of the Langhe following traditional winemaking methods formed with the test of time. The wines are made according to the time scale of nature so that the extraordinary terroir of the vineyards is free to express its unique character, aroma, and color.

The winemaking methods use long, spontaneous fermentation, slow and never exaggerated extraction, a prudent use of submerged cap, large barrels, and the silence — mysterious and full of anticipation — of aging.

The wines of Elvio Cogno use technology sparingly, and only in support of the natural evolution of the wine, so that in every nuance, it carries the signature of the great cru of the family: Ravera.

The wines of Elvio Cogno draw their distinctive characteristics from this zone located in the township of Novello. The area has always been considered the best of its surrounding territory, and gives Elvio Cogno wines their uniqueness that, over time, has become a mark of distinction, their identifying character, and a symbol of the wisdom handed down over the generations.

Through the natural vineyard management and cellar methods, the wines reveal an elegant and graceful power, an enveloping smoothness, and an unexpected freshness accompanied by characteristic and pronounced aromas. The wines are ready to tell a new story every time, yet remain constant in their pride of their roots.