Falstaff – Grandioses Piemont

Falstaff – Grandioses Piemont

The austrian magazine  Falstaff has published a beautiful deepening about the red wines which better represent Piedmot: Barolo, Barbaresco e Roero. The wines, tasted by Othmar Kiem and Simon Staffler  were quite many, with scores that prove the region quality.

Below the scores for our wines, available also in the Reviews section of our website:

Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice 2015 95 points

Barolo Ravera 2016 94 points

Barolo Cascina Nuova 2016 94 points

Barolo Ravera Riserva Vigna Elena 2014 93 points

Barbaresco Bordini 2017 90 points

Discover more on www.falstaff.at/sd/t/barolo-barbaresco-roero-tasting-2020/

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