Happy Easter

Happy Easter

The first newsletter of 2020 will surely remain in our history and due to the exceptional moment we are all going through, it must be completely different from the previous ones.

In our entire life, we’d never expect to live a the time of a pandemic and, despite we are living in a moment where everything seems suspended, muffled, in which all our fears might become anxiety, anger or sadness, we are conscious of how lucky we are to live in the Langhe.

We are so lucky, because every day during this quarantine we wake up surrounded by Nature e we spend our days continuing our job as vignerons and winemakers, in an environment which makes our existences still pleasant and enjoyable, despite being afflict by so many worries.

Never before we realize how strong Nature is, because it doesn’t know any pause and makes us Humans so small and dependable from what Nature can offer, with a vivid reminder: without Nature and without agriculture we won’t have food for our survival, and we must keep this very clear in our minds!

Days time seems to slow, we live every single moment with more awareness, the vineyards are waking up due to a dry Spring and quite all our attentions and efforts are for them.

In the cellar, the moon has been favorable for the new vintages bottling: Dolcetto, Nascetta, Nebbiolo and Barbera.

At the office we receive so much sympathy e we spend lots of time writing emails to thank who is close and who is in need. We have received so many messages of hope from our clients around the world which are helping us through this emotional and economic emergency. We are overwhelmed, we would never expect all these words of love, affection and hope for our work.


We strongly believe that everything will be back to normal sooner than later, but this pandemic will leave a permanent mark in our lives, hoping that we’ll all have learned to ponder more, to live fully our loved ones, to think more to ourselves and to what is truly important and valuable.

Holy Easter is coming and now more than ever it will be a significant moment for all of us, an important feast for us Italians, both believer and not. A moment of national union and an occasion for praying and remember those who are not with us anymore, especially those we lost because of this pandemic.


We sincerely wish to all of you a peaceful Holy Easter surrounded by all your loved ones and a good bottle of your favorite wine.


Stay safe.


Nadia Cogno e Valter Fissore


Elena & Giulio, Valentina, Simone, Emanuele

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