January 2024 Newsletter – From the vineyard

January 2024 Newsletter – From the vineyard

We would like to start this first newsletter of 2024 by wishing you a happy New Year and expressing our gratitude for the trust and interest you constantly show towards our winery and our wines. This is what matters most to us and we are immensely grateful!

The beginning of a new year always inspires such an enthusiasm that only restarts can give. To be honest, wineries like ours are in a particularly privileged situation because we can feel the euphoria of restart on two other occasions during the year: towards the beginning of April, when vines start again their vegetative cycle, and then during the harvest, which marks the actual birth of new wines.

And it is precisely from the 2023 harvest that we want to start. After a particularly dry year like 2022, vines needed a high quantity of water. Fortunately, towards the end of April 2023, a long period of regular and uniform rains began, which then continued throughout the month of May.

The other side of the coin is that this situation, as well as making the vineyards management more complex, favored the spread of downy mildew, which fortunately did not affect grapes because, during the course of the season, we intervened in a timely and targeted manner and managed to contain the infection at leaf level.

Our bunches were particularly healthy when the veraison started, also because they were spared by the terrible hailstorm that struck some areas of the Langhe on July 6th. In addition, the considerable spring water supply gave vines the opportunity to refresh, and it was the necessary condition that avoided the onset of water stress during the middle weeks of August, a period when it was very hot. Finally, the grapes benefited from the optimal conditions brought by the month of September, that was characterized by mild and sunny days interspersed with cool nights and sporadic rains.

Overall, this season, although very challenging from the point of view of agronomic management, led to an excellent vegetative and productive development, with the achievement of an optimal phenolic ripeness of the grapes.

The first bunches of Dolcetto were harvested on September 11th, a date that, although slightly anticipated, is closer to the average of classic vintages and is clearly different from the 2022 harvest window.

The impression we had at the end of the harvest was certainly positive, both in terms of quality and quantity of our grapes. And now, after a few weeks, we can confirm the initial impression and we can say that we are particularly satisfied with the quality and value of the new wines, which promises to be harmonious and refined.

As usual, towards the end of 2023, we carried out the operations of organic fertilization of our vineyards and of subsoiling. Finally, between the end of January and the beginning of February, we will carry out the manual pruning of all our vineyards.






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