#KOwine: Kerin O’Keefe reviews Elvio Cogno wines

#KOwine: Kerin O’Keefe reviews Elvio Cogno wines

We are pleased to share with you the excellent scores that Kerin O’Keefe, famous critic and wine writer, has assigned to a selection of Elvio Cogno wines:

  • Barolo Ravera 2019 | 98 points
  • Barolo Cascina Nuova 2019 | 95 points
  • Barolo Ravera 2018 | 97 points

These scores and reviews are part of two beautiful articles dedicated to the 2018 and 2019 Barolos that the author has published on her new website kerinokeefe.com: “Barolo 2019: A Sneak Peek (updated with new reviews)” and “Barolo 2018: Finesse, fragrance and freshness (updated with new reviews)”.

While thanking Kerin O’Keefe for the amazing scores, we invite you all to read the full reviews on the author’s official website (premium content).


Please note: 2019 Barolos will only be available from 2023








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