Langhe Nebbiolo DOC


Langhe Nebbiolo DOC  “Montegrilli”

To my grandfather Eugenio, his Vineyard.

Area: 1.4 hectares
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Density: 4,000 vines per hectare
Cultivation: vertical trellised, Guyot pruning
Altitude: ca. 420 m above sea level
Harvest period: end of September, beginning of October
Bottles produced: 12000
Wine making: in stainless steel, temperature-controlled, automatic pumping-over
Aging: 8 months in stainless steel
Lysis: 60 days
Bottle aging: 6 months

Profilo Sensoriale

Deep ruby red in colour with a slight orange edge. Harmonious well-balanced aroma, a pleasant blend of floral, fruity and soft spicy scents, with a sapid finish of rose and violet. Fresh lively bouquet with harmonious tannins, alcohol and balanced acidity. Soft, elegant and full-bodied with a very long aftertaste. Redolent of freshly macerated red berries, raspberry and redcurrant.

Serving suggestion: it goes well with robust roasts and hard, soft or well-aged cheeses, it might surprise you with fresh fish and raw tuna tartare.

Serving temperature: 14-16°C.


Nebbiolo has always been one of the most beautiful grapes of the Langhe, able to express new nuances and emotions to those who cultivate and vinify it with respect. It is a meaningful gift and great ambassador of its land of origins. Montegrilli is born in the vineyards with the goal of becoming a genuine and focused wine, able to show the true personality of Nebbiolo grape. With this in mind, we produce a wine without any aging in wood in order to differentiate it clearly from Barolo, creating a product with great immediacy, freshness and drinkability.

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